Grow with Us as a Storytelling Memory Keeper

We inspire each other in great ways as we turn photos+words into stories we can hold in our hands.


Matterful Work

Our futures are informed by our past. Which is why memories of our lives and the lives of those we love and cherish are important. The moments and experiences that are significant enough for to us to share with each other, creates meaning between us. And, by intentionally bringing awareness what matters to us, we reveal our own power, mind, and heart. 

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It's Better, More Fun, Easier to Master it Together

Memory Keeping is a great way to relax, inspire joy (in ourselves and in others), and a good pathway to accomplishment. Still, as amazing as it is to tell our stories through memory keeping, it's way more way more fun—not to mention rewarding, helpful, inspiring, connecting, etc.—to create, share stories, and master memory keeping together.

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What You Can Expect

  • Storytelling with photos and words⁠—which means touching photography, moving writing, playful (and serious) graphic design. Plus, you can expect conversations about the storytelling journey, favorite technology and tools, how to solve creative problems, too.
  • Project Workshops and Free Tutorials to help you get your stories off of your phone (or tablet), out of your head, and into something awesome that you can hold in your hands and easily share with family and friends.
  • The stuff that fuels our storytelling hobby. For example, we're likely to talk about cooking, travel, our friends and families, our courageous deeds, our struggles, our triumphs, our pets, our cars, our Minecraft habits (oops that might just be me), and real life.
  • The stories we're crafting. Our community features a Gallery. It's a great place to post photos, videos, and information about the story projects you're working on or have completed.

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We Fight Against Oblivion

I believe we aren't lost until we're forgotten. Oblivion is the enemy and well-crafted stories from our memories are a great way to hold fast to our experiences, friends, and family and what they've meant to us. We tell stories to kick Oblivion to the curb.

However, not everyone "gets" what we're up to or why. So, it's nice to have company. Being around other storytellers has a way of inspiring ideas. Likewise, it's fun to talk about our storytelling journeys and talk story with others that "get" it and us.

Which brings me to another belief. I think our stories have power. I can see myself in your stories you can see yourself in mine. Our stories help us see what's out there, give us ideas for how to get through it, and let us know that we're not alone. We're on this journey together.

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You Belong Here

Creating anything that matters has its ups and downs. I get it—especially, after the work I did professionally as a writer, graphic designer, and photographer. But, there's no need to go it alone.

Our growing community is here for you. Likewise, we happily welcome your voice to the celebratory cheers, written support, inspiration, and helpful tips and techniques we share with each other.

You belong here (I can feel it)—please join us and make it official.

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